Service With Responsibility

There are many events that occur in our life that we don't expect.  From the time we first begin accepting responsibility for our lives, we make choices, react specifically, make decisions that will effect in one way or another.  Sometimes we are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes, we are the victim of circumstance.  In any case, we hope to help by being able to work through the claim process.  That doesn't mean a payment will always be forthcoming, it means we will attempt to adjust the claim in accordance with the policy provisions and what we feel will be the interpretation of a majority regarding liability.

Featured Lines of Insurance We Handle

Property Claims


We handle all lines of first party property claims.  Commercial and Personal, from a Standard Fire & EC Policy to any Homeowners with multiple endorsements or Commercial Policy specifically written by a carrier for a specific line of business. We have experience in claims from broken windows to total loss fires.


Automobile Claims


Automobile accidents may very well be as aggravating to the parties involved of any of the type of claims that we work.  Vehicles are our mode of transporation.  They get us from one place to another.  And they are crucial to most of our livelihoods.  Prompt inspection and determination of damages and liability is imperative to allowing all parties to move on after the accident.  We make every effort to assist in this.


Commercial Insurance


Contractors liability, Building ownership, Malpractice, Small business policies:  These are just a few of the types commercial policies you may come in contact with and we have experience in handling these type claims. When we don't, we will conduct any investigation necessary.


Casualty Claims


Whether an injury or fatality occurs from an auto accident, slip and fall or a dog bite, we will submit a comprehensive report to provide you with a clear explanation of how the injury occurred. We provide scene photos and diagrams of the accident area, and recorded statements. Medical Authorizations obtained are HIPA compliant. When applicable we will complete the necessary reporting to Medicare/Medicaid providers. We work directly with the insured and claimant or their legal representatives. We insure each claim is treated in a professional manner. 

Commercial Auto Losses - Cargo & Salvage


We provide a complete investigation in to how the accident occurred. When warranted, we travel to the accident location, before the scene is cleared to obtain as much information as possible, working directly with the investigating officers on duty to evaluate and provide you with the most comprehensive information possible. We are aware these accidents often do not happen during working hours. We are available to be contacted beyond normal working hours for these types of urgent situations. 

We handle all types of cargo losses as well as salvage of the cargo to completion. We also obtain salvage bids on personal automobiles, commercial autos and heavy equipment. We will complete the necessary paperwork to obtain Salvage Titles on vehicles or equipment when necessary.